Count me in!

Yep, I’m all for Bob Serling’s “Reverse Inventing Community”

I mean who wouldn’t be? Considering that I’ll get: (1) The complete “Infallible Inventing” program, with a training video on Bob’s complete Reverse Inventing process, two videos of Bob inventing products with his inventing students in real time, and a Cheat Sheet that summarizes the entire process for quick viewing; (2) A weekly newsletter with tips and updates on the latest inventing techniques and shortcuts; (3) Interviews with successful inventors sharing how they create inventions and capitalize on them; (4) LIVE “Ask me anything” about inventing calls; (5) A community discussion list where I can get and give support 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. AND best of all, I get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to all of this for a single payment of just $17.


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