Here’s how to combine Deep Customer Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to create products, services, and marketing your competitors can’t hope to match

From: Bob Serling

If you’d like to have an arsenal of products and services that run circles around your competition, my new program will show you how to do this. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024 I’ll be releasing my new program Product Alchemy that combines a deep form of Customer Intelligence with the best of Artificial Intelligence to create exceptional products and services that run circles around your competition.

But in addition to that, by combining these two powerful resources, it also produces breakthrough strategies and tactics for the marketing of your products and services. So you can use it to create new products and services… massively improve your existing products and services… produce exceptional marketing material… or any of these components whenever you need them.

This program includes all the training from my coaching program that sold for $4,250 per seat. Plus, all the new material on leveraging Customer Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence by combining them in a unique way.

But because I’ve put this in a self-guided course format, I’m able to make it available at an ultra-low price, which I’ll reveal in a minute.

Product Alchemy gives you the exact 9-step system I’ve used to create my Tony Hawk skateboard toy that sold in stores and websites worldwide… a software suite that was recently acquired for over $105 million… a restructured insurance product that increased profits by 714%... and a wide variety of products and services too long to list here.

Just some of what you’ll discover
in this program includes...

  • Why in this age of AI, Customer Intelligence is the critical factor for developing superior new products or improving old products. Including examples of many well-known companies that went belly-up without this – and the one company that used Customer Intelligence to overcome their failure and rise from the ashes.
  • Why Customer Intelligence must be developed first if you want to get and keep the leadership position with your products and services. Hint: it’s not what you think.
  • How Customer Intelligence is used in the simplest, but best ways to “train” Artificial Intelligence to generate breakthrough product, service, and marketing strategies and tactics you can’t get without this.
  • The product secret Kodak used to recover from bankruptcy, while so many other large and small companies never recover
  • The single, totally hidden reason why great products fail on a regular basis. Harvard Business Review reports that this single reason is responsible for 52% of previously successful products from the Fortune 500 now being extinct. And most importantly – the simple process for making sure this never happens to your product or service.
  • A simple switch any business can flip – called “Focus Flipping” – that guarantees your products and services run circles around all your competitors
  • The “buried benefit” strategy one of my clients used to make a single change to their product that increased their profits by 714%
  • How one of my client’s unqualified employee’s ridiculous statement grew the sales of their product by more than 410% – and the strategy that lets you harness ridiculousness for consistent breakthroughs
  • How one of the most well-known business consultants in the world used my “10 minute zoom” strategy to produce an immediate increase in profits of $234,000
  • The single piece of practical research you must have – yet few companies even know about – that locks in the success of any product or service. This one point alone will do more to lock in massive sales growth than anything else you can do for your business.
  • The “geek secret” three San Francisco artists used to go from renting out a room in their apartment to creating Airbnb – currently worth $85 billion!
  • The simple reason why anyone can innovate breakthrough products and services, using two skills you already have
  • Four powerful, counter-intuitive questions that drive your Customer Intelligence gathering, getting your customers to reveal what they actually want to buy – in a way that no other survey method can match
  • Eight external research resources – all free – that show exactly what your customers want to buy the most. And how to use them to jumpstart the creation of breakthrough products, services, and marketing as often as you need them.
  • A foolproof technique for generating dozens of high-quality product, service, or marketing ideas in just 20 minutes. One of my clients, a small business with annual revenue of about $1 million, used this to cut a massive deal with Apple for one of their products.
  • How to accurately identify your single best product, service, or marketing idea when you have multiple ideas. Just use this 7-point checklist to immediately get the definitive answer.
  • My complete, 9-step system for combining Deep Customer Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to create products, services, and marketing strategies on demand that your competitors can’t hope to match
  • A simple process for dramatically improving any existing product, service, or marketing piece
  • The one element that proves with complete accuracy which products and services will succeed and which will fall flat on their face
  • How to test any product or service for $250 or less and prove whether or not it will sell like crazy – BEFORE you commit serious time and money to it
  • Plus much, much more

Here’s the deal...

As I mentioned, I’m keeping the price ultra-low on this new program.

Normally, I charge $4,250 when Product Alchemy is presented as a 6-week coaching program. And to have me work with you 1-to-1 on developing a product, service or marketing strategy, the fee is $8,500 plus 20% of the profits this process produces for you.

But for this program, I’ve taken the full set of materials from the coaching program, improved them substantially, and put them into a self-guided course format.

This allows you to take the training at your own pace, without having to show up for scheduled sessions where there’s no flexibility. And it also allows me to massively reduce the price.

So I’m steeply dropping the price from $4,250 down to just $997. That’s a full 76% discount!

Plus, you get this Special Bonus
with this first edition ONLY...

For this first release only of Product Alchemy, I’m adding a special bonus to help you get exceptional results even faster.

Two weeks after the course is delivered to you, we’ll get together on Zoom for a LIVE, 90-minute session where I’ll answer any questions you might have about my 9-step product development process.

You’ll get immediate answers to anything you may be unclear about. And I’ll illustrate many of these answers with real-life examples of my own products and those I’ve developed for other companies, so you’re getting truly actionable advice, not some textbook theory.

Here’s how to lock in your copy now

The delivery date for this self-guided version of Product Alchemy is Wednesday, February 21.

This will be followed by our LIVE, 90-minute Zoom session on Wednesday March 6 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm PACIFIC time. And you’ll also receive access to the recording of this call on the next day.

So here’s how my special, low pricing works…

As I mentioned above, when this was presented as a 6-week coaching program, the fee was $4,250. But with this self-guided course version, you get all of the same training materials delivered to you immediately, rather than over a 6-week period.

And because this is a self-guided version that doesn’t require 6 weeks of my providing live training and coaching, I’m steeply dropping the price from $4,250 down to just $997.

Also, at this deep discount, all sales are final. There are no refunds and no returns and by placing your order you agree to these terms.

To reserve your copy now for delivery on Wednesday, February 21 – and get the one time only bonus of the LIVE, 90-minute training and Q&A call, click here:

I believe anyone who follows my simple, 9-step product development system will quickly make back the cost many times over.


Bob Serling

P.S. Here’s the legal stuff.

First – As mentioned, because you’re getting all the materials from the Coaching version of this program that sold for $4,250, plus all the new material on combining Deep Customer Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence for generating true breakthroughs, all sales are final. And there are no refunds or returns.

Second – Purchasing Product Alchemy grants you the right to use it for creating your own products, services, and marketing only. You may NOT use it with clients or give, share, or sell any part of the program to anyone else. Doing so is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws.

Third – Sorry, but my lawyer wants me to make sure to state this stuff so it’s clearly understood.