Here’s how to make more sales in 5 days
than you normally make in a month

From: Bob Serling

If you’d like to discover a simple, innovative way to make more sales in 5 days than you normally make in a month, then repeat this 4 to 12 times per year – this letter will show you how.

My new course, Sales Growth Simplified gives you a simple, proven framework for doing this with just an hour or two of effort.


Plus, not only do I show you how to do this, but I also give you the exact marketing campaign you’ll use to do it.


And to make it even easier, the campaign is delivered in Word format, so all you have to do is copy it, make a few modifications to customize it for your business, and you’re ready to send it out.


So let’s dig into the details...

THE single most important point
to understand if you want to consistently
grow your sales and profits


First, the most important point to understand is that the single fastest way to increase your profits is to make more sales to your existing list. And to repeat this again and again. Nothing else comes even close.


Why? Because it costs nothing to market to your list, compared to driving more traffic, which gets expensive fast.


And the most effective way I’ve ever developed for generating a massive number of sales from your list is a process I call Sales Growth Simplified.


Time and time again, for clients in a wide range of industries, this process has made more sales in 5 days than you normally make in an entire month. And then you automate this to repeat the same results 4 to 12 times per year. 


Now, rather than telling you how the Sales Growth Simplified process works, you’ll get a much better understanding if I actually demonstrate it being used in a real-life situation.


Case Study: 800% sales growth
with cheap, disposable cameras

Years ago, I was working with a client who sells inexpensive, disposable cameras. You might remember these cameras.


They were small, pocket-sized cameras that took about 20 photos and after you’d taken all your photos, you’d send the entire camera in to have the photos printed and sent to you.


Most of these cameras were housed in a rectangular cardboard box and looked cheap. So my client found a source in China to create his cameras with a black plastic housing shaped like a real camera, making it look much more realistic. This alone nearly doubled his sales.


But what I helped him do next increased his sales by well over 800%.


How the Sales Growth Simplified process works


Sales Growth Simplified focuses on simplicity and leverage. So it only has four components, all of which are extremely easy to learn and apply:

  • Identify your best-selling product or service
  • Identify your best performing email for that product or service
  • Create a series of emails based on the first two components and send out that series
  • Repeat that exact same series of emails 4 to 12 times per year

When you see it laid out like this, this process may sound obvious: Find your best-performing email for your best product and mail it again. Then repeat this 4 to 12 times per year, every year.


But here’s the thing…


As obvious as this is, nobody does this!


So getting back to my client with the disposable cameras, here’s what happened.


The most difficult part of the process is determining what your best-performing email for your best product or service is. But I have a simple tool and 20-minute process that absolutely nails this.


So after we used this tool to run the process and identified his best performing email, based on this we put together a series of 3 emails that get sent out over a one week period. And the schedule for which days to send these emails is critical for getting the best results.


Now, my client was very skeptical of my system. But he agreed to test it on a very limited basis, because I had produced great results for him on our previous projects.


So we extracted a random sample of 2,000 people from his list of 60,000 subscribers. Roughly half were customers who had already bought a camera from him and the other half were prospects who hadn’t bought anything.

Then we set the series of 3 emails that come with Sales Growth Simplified loose, sending them out over a period of one week using my recommended schedule.

One of the weirdest phone calls
I’ve ever received


At the end of that week, my client tallied up his new sales. Then he called me.

When I picked up the phone, I couldn’t tell if he was laughing or crying. But he sounded like a crazy person.


But despite his hysterics, his message came through loud and clear, “This damn thing pulled in 800% more sales than I normally make! What do I have to do to use it with the rest of my list and how soon can we do it?”


To that, the answer was simple. Since both prospects and customers bought at this much higher rate, just mail the rest of your list right away. No other changes are needed. 


And it worked wonderfully.


Will this work for your business?


Over the past 25 years, I’ve used the Sales Growth Simplified process with every type of business you can think of.

Everything from training programs, to software, to consulting and coaching, to diet and fitness, sports, hobbies, insurance, business systems, marketing systems, computer hardware, pets – and on and on.

Here’s just a short sample of the kind of results this process has produced for my clients across a broad range of industries:

  • A company that sells training programs for golfers produced a massive 337% increase in sales
  • A marketing friend of mine took in $98,800 in sales of his training program he wouldn’t have seen without this – from a near-dead list of just 2,300 people
  • A client who sells used golf equipment made more than double the sales he’s ever made in a day – in just the first 8 hours of starting his 5-day campaign
  • A leading health and fitness instructor was more than happy with the generous increase in sales they got from the first email in their series. And absolutely knocked out when the second and third emails doubled that.
  • A client who teaches dating skills to French men (guess they need help too!) produced 77% more sales than he normally would in a month
  • And remember I said that the Sales Growth Simplified can be automated to run 4 to 12 times every year? Well, one of my clients generated $60,000 in sales the first time he used it. And he’s repeated this multiple times every year for more than 8 years running.
  • Plus much more

What you get in the
Sales Growth Simplified program


Sales Growth Simplified is a complete program for creating your own 3-email marketing campaign and sending it to your list in the shortest time possible. Then automating this to repeat 4 to 12 times per year – every year.


It’s the most effective and profitable process and accompanying marketing campaign I’ve ever created. And it’s always the first thing I do with all of my clients because it’s so reliable.


Also, it works for any product or service, whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer.


Here’s what you get in this program, which you get immediate access to on a members-only training site:

  • Detailed training on how to create and implement your complete Sales Growth Simplified email campaign
  • My discovery tool that quickly identifies your best-selling product or service and your best-performing email (this isn’t as obvious or easy as you may think)
  • Complete templates for your 3-email series along with step-by-step instructions for modifying them for your product or service. Using these templates, you can have all 3 emails ready to send in 45 to 60 minutes.
  • The one word that every email must contain in order to maximize your sales. I can promise it is not what you think – and not only do I reveal that word, but I show you how to build it into every email you ever create, including emails you create outside of this program.
  • The ideal schedule for sending out your 3-email series. I’ve tested the best days to send your emails for nearly 20 years now and the schedule I’ll give you – along with an explanation for why you MUST use this schedule – can make a massive difference in how much sales growth you produce.
  • How to automate your 3-email series to repeat from 4 to 12 times per year. And collect this same boost in sales month after month for years to come.

Here’s your next step…

When I work with a client, my fee to set up the Sales Growth Simplified campaign is $3,750 plus 20% of the profits it produces. 


But with this version that’s delivered on a members-only training site, all you do is follow the simple instructions I give you to modify the 3 emails in this campaign for your business, which you can do in about 45 minutes. And because of this, I’m steeply dropping the price from $3,750 down to just $597.


You can place your order and get access to the training site with all the materials in minutes by clicking here:


One last important point

Sales Growth Simplified is specifically designed to give you all the training and emails you’ll ever need, without any added baggage.


In this program, you’ll get deep training in this powerful method for generating more sales in 5 days than you normally make in a month. Then repeating this 4 to 12 times per year – and continuing this for years to come. 


And this is not a “lite” version of how to substantially increase your sales. It’s comprehensive and includes everything I do to produce massive results for my clients. Nothing is left out and you’ll never need to purchase anything else to immediately start generating substantially more sales for your business.


At the same time, I’ve kept the materials lean and tight, so none of your time is wasted. So the material is reasonably short and can easily be reviewed and mastered in one or two sittings.  

So if you’re interested in buying by the pound and want 8 videos, 3 manuals and the proverbial “truck load worth of bonuses”, this is NOT the program for you.


Also, at this deep discount off my normal fee of $3,750 all sales are final. There are no refunds and no returns and by placing your order you agree to these terms.


To place your order and get access to the training site with all the materials, click here:

I believe anyone who follows the simple instructions and fires off this 3-email campaign will quickly make back the cost many times over.


Bob Serling

P.S. Here’s the legal stuff.

First – As mentioned, because you’re getting the exact same materials I use with all my clients that pay $3,750, but at the deeply discounted price of just $597, all sales are final. And there are no refunds or returns.

Second – Purchasing Sales Growth Simplified grants you the right to use it for creating your own sales growth email campaign only. You may NOT use it with clients or give, share, or sell any part of the program to anyone else. Doing so is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws.

Third – Sorry, but my lawyer wants me to make sure to state this stuff so it’s clearly understood.