New breakthrough in setting up joint ventures
gets you agreement from 90% of the partners
you approach – *proof below

From: Bob Serling

If you’ve tried to set up joint ventures for your business, I’m sure you’ve found it to be incredibly frustrating, and maybe even impossible. That’s because inviting other companies to joint venture with you fails 99 out of 100 times.

I’ll show you exactly why this happens in just a minute. Because once you understand the underlying causes, it’s actually quite easy to eliminate them and start closing JV deals. But before we get to that, I want to make you a powerful promise:

I promise that by the time you finish reading this information, you’ll know more about successfully setting up joint ventures than most so-called experts.

In fact, by using my Frictionless Joint Ventures process, not only will the difficult task of setting up JVs become very easy, but you’ll be able to get 90% of all the partners you approach to quickly agree to joint venture with you. Even if you have a small list and no one has ever heard of you.

I know that’s a bold promise, but here’s the proof from three leading experts:

  • When John Corcoran interviewed me on his Facebook live broadcast, he said he’d agree to deals with 100% of the people who approached him using my Frictionless JV method. Even if he didn’t know them.
  • After I appeared on his podcast, Brad Costanzo wrote that it’s easy to get a 90% agreement rate using my Frictionless JV method.
  • And a member of my mastermind group has added about $1.1 million in sales to his business every year using my method, getting a near 100% agreement rate from the partners he approaches.

Why 99 out of 100 joint venture invitations
get no response at all

Pay careful attention to this section, because I’m going to show you exactly why your joint venture invitations fall on deaf ears and get no response at all. You see, whenever you use the conventional method of approaching a new JV partner and suggest you do business together, you immediately stimulate five powerful friction points:

Friction Point #1: Your potential partner
has never heard of you

The first Friction Point is responsible for the early demise of more joint ventures than any other factor. It’s the reason that the majority of JV deals never get past the starting gate – and the few that do, then fail to get approval.

Like it or not, most of the companies you’ll invite to participate in joint ventures have never heard of you. Yet you’re asking them to loan you the use of their subscriber list and the reputation they’ve worked so hard to establish.

Unfortunately, as high quality as your product or service might be, any partner who has never heard of you simply doesn’t have the time to perform the due diligence necessary to verify that your product is as good as you claim it is. Nor do they have the time or resources to verify that your company is reliable and won’t wreak havoc with their customers.

There’s no simple way to overcome this. There isn’t a single source of information built for this that can verify that you would be a trusted partner. So rather than jeopardize their own sales and reputation, it is always easier for a potential partner to eliminate their risk by ignoring you or telling you “No”.

Friction Point #2: Disparity in list size

If the first Friction Point didn’t kill your deal, there’s a strong chance this second one will. You see, when you use the conventional approach to setting up joint ventures and ask another company to promote your product in exchange for you promoting theirs, a serious mismatch occurs instantly.

With practically every potential JV deal, there’s going to be a significant disparity between the size of each partners’ lists. While you may have a product that your customers give rave reviews, if your list size is 3,000 people and your potential partner’s list is 80,000, it won’t matter how much people love your product. Your deal is dead in the water.

Now, in case you think that’s unfair, let’s turn the tables. Using those same numbers, if your list size is 3,000 people, would you want to trade promotions with a company whose list size is just 113 people?

Of course not. But if you do the math, that’s the exact same disparity between your list size at 3,000 and another company’s list size of 80,000.

The bottom line is this – because of the inherent disparity that’s bound to occur with 95% of all potential partners, the majority of JV deals that seemed so promising die on the vine.

Friction Point #3: Who mails first?

Whenever two companies consider promoting each other’s products, the question always comes up as to who will mail first. And naturally, each company wants the other company to promote their product first.

Negotiating this single point can be extremely challenging and it often ends up derailing the entire deal. If I don’t know you well, what proof do I have that you’ll promote my product after I’ve promoted yours? Sure, I’d make some money from promoting your product to my list, but I’d double that and add a lot of names to my list if you fulfill your responsibility and promote my product to your list.

The problem is, nothing can assure your partner that you’ll mail for them. Or vice versa. No contract and no friendly conversation can truly guarantee that either party will follow through and mail after the first partner has mailed. For this reason, this Friction Point is responsible for many joint ventures failing to launch.

Friction Point #4: Your partner worries
they won’t paid

In my experience, this is the most devastating Friction Point of them all. To put it bluntly, everyone is afraid of getting screwed. And the bigger the list, the greater that fear is.

Let’s use the example again of a partner with a list of 80,000 people compared to your list of 3,000 people. Not only is there a tremendous disparity between the size of the lists, but your partner will be very concerned that they may never get paid. And that could mean that they lose out on a lot of money when they mail for you.

One of the greatest benefits of joint ventures is that when a trusted company recommends a product to their list, the people on that list respond in far greater numbers than they would to a cold offer. So conversion rates can be quite high – often 5% to 10% or more.

However, let’s use a conversion rate of just 2% to keep this as conservative as possible. At that rate, your partner’s list of 80,000 would generate 1,600 new sales for you.

Now, let’s say that your product sells for $125 and $100 of that is profit. At a 50% split of profits, you’d make $80,000 in new profits – plus you’d acquire 1,600 new customers you can now sell more of your products or services to.

Your partner stands to make $80,000 in new profits as well. But only if you actually pay them. And with that much money at risk, it’s only natural that your partner has serious concerns about getting paid. So once again, it’s easier to say “No” and eliminate the risk of getting cheated out of their fair share.

In over 25 years of setting up joint ventures, both for my own business and for my clients, nothing comes even close to killing as many deals as this particular Friction Point.

Friction Point #5: The major deal killer

As you can see, there are many Friction Points created by the conventional method of setting up joint ventures. Some can bring your JVs to an abrupt halt on their own, but most often, it’s the cumulative effect of multiple Friction Points that end in this major deal killer – a debilitating condition that can’t be overcome. The net effect of multiple Friction Points is a condition that eliminates any chance of benefitting from lucrative joint ventures…

Lack of trust

Let’s face it, we all want to do business with other people we trust. And if that trust doesn’t exist – or can’t be quickly established – then the chance of doing business together drops to close to zero.

This lack of trust is the killer Friction Point. It’s the single factor that causes one or both parties to say, “Sorry, but I’m going to have to pass on this”. And once that statement has been made, all the promise of adding thousands of names to your list and the hundreds or thousands of sales that will result from this, go out the window.

So as you can see, the conventional method of setting up joint venture deals creates many Friction Points. Some are just frustrating, but others are true deal killers. And the unfortunate truth is that because of the cumulative effect of these serious Friction Points, the majority of joint ventures fail to get past the discussion stage.

With all these built in friction points,
it should now be totally clear
– the conventional process for setting up
joint ventures is completely broken

So let me repeat a very important point. All of the Friction Points I just described are the result of using the conventional approach to setting up joint ventures.

In fact, they’re baked right into the conventional process. So nearly everything you’ve been told to do in order to capitalize on joint ventures is completely useless because it simply doesn’t work.

Now, if you’ve tried to set up joint ventures already, your own experience bears this out. You’re frustrated with your results, you’ve lost significant time and money you could have devoted to something more productive, and you’re left wondering why anyone could have ever told you that joint ventures can be so profitable.

But don’t worry – there IS a solution. And as you’re about to see, it’s much easier than you might think. So easy, that when I lay out this simple, yet highly effective process for setting up joint ventures that produces the results you really want, you’ll immediately “get” why my approach works so well.

A new form of joint venture that gets
a 90% agreement rate from partners

If you’ve been frustrated or lost money with joint ventures – or you’re just starting with JVs and want to make sure you get it right – my course Frictionless Joint Ventures is the solution to every problem created by the conventional method of setting up joint ventures.

Plus, it’s much easier to use than the conventional method and streamlines the entire process for creating successful joint ventures, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to benefit from highly profitable joint ventures for years to come. Here’s just some of what the Frictionless Joint Ventures process does for you:

  • Eliminates ALL friction points with one single action
  • Gets agreement from 90% of the partners you approach
  • Works flawlessly even if you have a small list and no one has ever heard of you
  • Gets your most coveted partners – those with huge lists – to actually pay you first to joint venture with them
  • Locks in rock-solid goodwill and loyalty with your subscribers and customers
  • Turns your most profitable deals from one-time projects to autopilot repeat projects that continue to bring in profits year after year
  • Produces a large, consistent stream of sales every month on a systematic basis
  • And as much as 95% of the revenue you generate is pure profit

Now, I realize that’s a lot to promise, but here’s what makes it even more interesting. As I just mentioned in the first point above…

All of this is accomplished with one single action

So let me show you exactly how this is done.

How to make all your JV deals frictionless
– and get agreement from 90%
of the partners you approach

What I’m about to show you is the first major breakthrough for setting up joint ventures in decades. Up to now, everyone has been trying to set up joint ventures the conventional way. And everyone has been failing most of the time, because the conventional approach is totally broken.

It just doesn’t work. And to make matters even worse, the conventional method of setting up joint ventures actually creates all the friction points you just saw! Is it any wonder then, that this decades old, conventional method fails, wastes your time and costs you money nearly every time you try to use it?

What I’m about to show you immediately eliminates all the friction points that derail conventional joint ventures – and it does this with one single action. In fact, once you see it, this single action will be so obvious, you’ll be shocked that no one else has ever thought of it.

But let me assure you that it was not easy to come up with. It took me years of struggling with the conventional approach to joint ventures to realize exactly what the solution is. And like most exceptional solutions, it’s simple, elegant and works immediately for anyone.

So here is that single action that will get you a 90% agreement rate from all the joint venture partners you approach, even if no one has ever heard of you…

The Core Principle of Frictionless
Joint Ventures

The Frictionless Joint Venture Solution consists of a single action that’s very easy to implement. So easy, that anyone can do it and generate impressive results immediately.

Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever tried to set up a joint venture before, your list is small or no one has ever heard of you. This single action just flat out works!

So here is my proprietary approach – the one single action that eliminates all of the friction points immediately and gets a phenomenal level of acceptance from every JV partner you approach:

Offer to sell a partner’s product first
without any request for a reciprocal mailing

Let me show you exactly how this works so you can fully appreciate the massive impact this simple change will have on your business.

Using the conventional method, you’d contact a potential JV partner and suggest they sell your product to their list in exchange for you selling their product to your list.

But you know what happens when you do this. Because of all the friction points built into this request, the vast majority of proposals get rejected immediately.

Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you implement the FJV Core Principle.

A real life example of The FJV Core Principle in action

This is probably the most important section in this entire piece. Because you’re going to see exactly how to use the FJV Core Principle to set up as many JV deals as you want – and any time you want to

With a Frictionless Joint Venture, instead of suggesting a reciprocal agreement with all the complications that creates, your new message is essentially this:

My name is Bob and I have a list of about 3,000 people. It’s not the largest list, but my subscribers are very responsive. I’d like to sell your product to my list. Would that be alright with you?

Do you see what just happened? With this single action, you’ve removed every friction point at once. They’ve all been eliminated completely.

Let’s review each of the friction points now, so you’re completely clear on how they’ve been removed.

Friction Point #1: Your potential partner has never heard of you. With my method, it doesn’t matter that your partner has never heard of you because you’re no longer asking them to take any risk.

They don’t have to perform any diligence on you or your product, because all you’re doing is selling their product. They simply set up a partnership link for you – which all shopping cart software has built into it – and you sell their product.

Essentially, you’re saying, “I’d like to send some free sales your way. Is that alright with you?”

And how many companies do you think will turn that down?

That’s right – almost none at all!

Friction Point #2: Disparity in list size. This stumbling block is completely removed because there is no list disparity to question. Since you aren’t asking a partner to mail for you, the question of difference in list size never enters a partner’s mind. So this issue never comes up and never has a chance to derail your deal.

Friction Point #3: Who mails first? Here again, this becomes a non-question. Since you are the only side mailing, this question with all its built-in friction is completely eliminated right from the start.

Friction Point #4: Your partner worries they won’t paid. With the Frictionless Joint Ventures method, this worry about not getting paid never enters the picture. It can’t, because your partner takes all the orders and all money flows directly to them.

This means they always get paid first and in full. Then they pay you your share at the end of each month.

Friction Point #5: The major deal killer. Remember, the major deal killer is the lack of trust that accumulates from some or all of the previous Friction Points. But since none of those Friction Points even exist when you use my Frictionless method, this is a non-issue.

Now that you see how my Frictionless Joint Ventures method immediately eliminates every friction point and obstacle caused by the conventional method of setting up joint ventures, it’s easy to understand why this approach will get you agreement from 90% of the partners you approach.

Another powerful benefit of Frictionless
Joint Ventures …getting partners
to mail for you

As you’ve seen, the Frictionless Joint Ventures process removes all obstacles by offering to sell your partner’s product without any request for them to sell your product. But at the same time, this is also the first step in getting partners, even the biggest names in your industry, to sell your products.

Here’s how that’s done. Imagine that you’ve sold a large company’s product to your list and it sold well. So a few months later you repeat that offer – and I show you exactly how to use the proper timing and positioning to do this in my course.

Now you’ve sold that company’s product twice. And twice you’ve made them money. This gives you two powerful benefits.

  • FIRST – Using my method, you’re getting paid to build a relationship with your partners
  • SECOND – You now have a track record with your partner. Plus you have the best form of credibility: you’ve made them money

The track record you’ve established by making sales for your partner – two or more times – changes the equation completely. NOW when you approach your partner and ask them to sell your product to their list, your chances of having them consider this increase substantially.

Now, I’m not suggesting that every company whose product you’ve sold will agree to sell your product to their list. But look at it this way – if you can get even 3 out of 10 large companies to sell your product to their list, that’s 3 more than you’d ever get using the failed, conventional approach to setting up joint ventures. And that adds up to a tremendous amount of sales and profits you wouldn’t see without this.

You can master the entire Frictionless
Joint Ventures process in 3 hours

Because my proprietary process removes all the complexities of the conventional approach to joint ventures, it no longer takes you weeks to learn and months to test with the majority of those tests resulting in failure.

Instead, you can master the entire Frictionless Joint Ventures process and be successfully setting up lucrative joint ventures for your business in about 3 hours.

Think about that. By tomorrow, you could have your invitations written and sent out to a dozen or so of your ideal JV partners. And within a day or two, you’ll be hearing “Yes, let’s do this” from nearly all of them.

So let me show you exactly what’s in this ground-breaking course, so you can see how everything fits together and makes setting up joint ventures a total pleasure instead of a frustrating process that ends in failure.

Frictionless Joint Ventures
– course overview

Frictionless Joint Ventures is an altogether new way to set up an unlimited number of joint ventures for your business. As you’ve just seen, this simple, innovative approach eliminates all the friction points that are built into the conventional method of structuring reciprocal joint ventures. More importantly, it gives you a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Immediately eliminating all the problems and frustration caused by the conventional approach to setting up joint ventures
  • A 90% agreement rate from the partners you approach. Few people ever turn down an offer to bring them more sales without any obligation to promote for you.
  • Get paid to build your relationship with potential partners
  • Create an immediate surge in cash flow – anywhere from $15k to $75k depending on the size of your list. And 95% of this is pure profit.
  • Automate the entire process to lock in a large, consistent stream of sales every month on a systematic basis
  • Have 95% of the revenue from those sales be pure profit, since you have no overhead, no credit card charges, no fulfillment costs, and no costs for customer service
  • Create a much higher level of customer loyalty by providing your subscribers with recommendations for products and services they want and removing the time-consuming task of researching which products are good and which are a waste of time and money

You can achieve all this with my new course Frictionless Joint Ventures. Here’s an overview of the six sections that make up this course.

Section 1: Introduction to Frictionless Joint Ventures

  • Why joint ventures are the fastest, safest way to grow your sales
  • Why conventional joint ventures fail 70% to 95% of the time
  • The Solution – Frictionless Joint Ventures
  • Case Study: Turning an $1,100 purchase into $32,000 in sales (unlocking customer buying behavior with FJVs)
  • How most JV partners think and how to leverage this to get their undivided attention
  • The practical way to get agreement from 90% of the JV partners you approach
  • Why you have no costs and no risks with Frictionless Joint Ventures
  • FJV Math – why 85% to 95% of the money you make is pure profit
  • Leveraging FJVs to lock in customer loyalty
  • Case studies of actual FJVs you can model

Section 2: Finding the Ideal Partners for Your Frictionless JV Deals

  • Selecting the products of most value to your customers
  • Using the FJV “expanded circle” to identify even more quality products
  • Identifying your ideal partners, including the biggest names in your industry
  • Attracting big name partners – even if you have a small list and no name recognition
  • Creating your Frictionless Joint Venture Invitation
  • Finding the right person to contact at any business
  • How to get the correct email address for any executive at any business – in 5 minutes or less
  • Details you must include in your invitation in order to stand out and get as many JV deals as possible
  • The one thing never to say in your invitation or it will kill your deal
  • The actual word-for-word template to use for creating your FJV invitation
  • How many invitations to send at once
  • The best days of the week to send your invitations – and one surprising day to always avoid
  • How to follow up, when to follow up and how many times to follow up on your invitation

Section 3: Structuring Your Frictionless JV Deals

  • Establishing the terms of your JV deals
  • A simple Agreement strategy that removes all partner objections in advance
  • Commission structure options that attract and close the deal with the most JV partners
  • Tracking mechanisms to use to make sure you get full credit for all your orders
  • How to make sure you get paid in full and on time
  • How to define and properly protect each party’s intellectual property
  • A complete pre-written template for your Frictionless JV Agreement
  • When to use your own Agreement form and when to use a partner’s Agreement form

Section 4: Sending your JV promotions to your list

  • The FJV 5-step process for creating and sending the most effective promotions to your list
  • Why you should always use your partner’s email copy
  • 3 ideal introductions to add to your partner’s copy for maximizing your sales
  • Where to place your tracking mechanism in your promotional copy
  • Double your sales with the FJV Profit Compression Email Sequence
  • 3 cut-and-paste templates to use with the FJV Profit Compression Email Sequence
  • Review – why the design of these emails means you have no cost, no risk, and 95% of your proceeds are pure profit

Section 5: The Frictionless JV Multiplication Factor

  • How to convert every JV deal from a one-shot project into multiple projects that get repeated every year
  • Multiply your sales with a simple 3-step formula
  • Step 1 – Measure your sales
  • Step 2 – Repeat your best offers
  • Step 3 – Leverage the power of Deep Repetition
  • Choosing the best mix of products for your repeat sales
  • How often to send out your repeat offers
  • Putting the entire process on auto-pilot with the FJV Rotating Calendar method

Section 6: Getting Other Companies to Sell Your Products to Their Lists

  • How and when to ask other companies to offer your products to their lists
  • The double credibility strategy that gets you recognized by even the largest partners – even if they’ve never heard of you before
  • The perfect pitch email template for getting the most partners to promote your products
  • 3 commission options that close the most deals when asking JV partners to sell your products
  • Establishing the terms of your JV deals when partners sell your products
  • How to eliminate any of your partner’s concerns about getting paid their fair share
  • A complete pre-written template for your Frictionless JV Partner Agreement

The FJV Marketing Toolkit

This companion volume is packed with every marketing piece and legal document you'll need to effectively set up and run your Frictionless Joint Ventures. You’ll get invitation emails, follow up emails, legal agreements, promotional emails and more.

It's all here in "done for you" format. Plus, all documents are in Word format so all you have to do is open a document, cut and paste and you’re ready to go.

If you were to pay me or any other top level copywriter to create a complete collection of marketing documents like this for you, the cost would easily exceed $35,000. But you get them all in cut-and-paste format as another advantage of purchasing this course.

Start getting agreement today from 90%
of the JV partners you approach
– at a deep 60% discount

Everything I’ve listed above is now available for immediate access on a password protected training site. You can start using this innovative process to get agreement from 90% of the JV partners you approach within the next few minutes.

The enrollment fee for Frictionless Joint Ventures is just $597. These all new materials are the latest evolution of this program and the previous version sold for $1,497. Which means you’re getting this program at a full 60% discount off what people paid for earlier versions.

The reason I’m making this program so affordable is because I’m on a mission to counteract all the misleading information that’s out there on setting up joint ventures. And I want to share this powerful, yet extremely simple process with as many people as possible.

I’ve added millions in sales to my business with joint ventures and I’m convinced they level the playing field for anyone who wants to make serious money – without any risk whatsoever.

To get your copy of Frictionless Joint Ventures now at this deeply discounted price, just click this link:

Yes, I’d like to enroll now and take advantage
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Your “3 partners in 30 days” Guarantee

Look, I’ve made a big promise throughout this information. I’ve told you multiple times that by switching from the conventional method of setting up joint ventures to my Frictionless Joint Ventures method, you can get as many as 90% of the partners you approach to agree to JV with you.

Well, I’m not going to back down on that now. Instead, I’m going to put my process on the line and make you a guarantee that you will not find anywhere else.

Here’s how this works. First, over the next 30 days, go through all the course materials. You can easily do this in about 3 hours.

Next, make a list of the 10 companies you’d most like to JV with. Then, just cut and paste the invitation I give you with this course and send it to those companies.

I guarantee that when you do this, you will get at least 3 – and as many as 9 of them – to eagerly agree to JV with you. If not, just shoot me an email to let me know and you’ll receive a full refund.

Now, I’m bending over backwards to make sure you’re successful, but as your part of the deal, you need to invest a few hours in going through the materials and then send out your 10 invitations.

That’s really easy to do. And I promise you’ll be knocked by your results. If not, you know the drill – I’ll return every penny of your investment.

I’m happy to offer you this no-risk guarantee because I know the power of the Frictionless Joint Ventures process and I’m confident you’ll get impressive results. With this guarantee, all the risk is on me, so you simply can’t lose.

Let’s wrap this up

When done properly, setting up joint ventures for your business is one of the easiest, most reliable ways to increase your sales, market reach and goodwill with your subscribers and customers.

JVs have completely changed the way I run my business and added a massive increase in sales I wouldn’t have seen without them. And I’d love to show you how to enjoy a similar level of success with your own JVs.

You’re just a click away from getting all the benefits of Frictionless Joint Ventures in your business. To get started right now, go here:

Yes, I’d like to enroll right now and take advantage
of your 60% discount

I look forward to showing you how easy it really is to get 90% of the partners you approach to agree to JV with you.


Bob Serling

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