Resource Center Tollgates

How to add 6-figures in repeating, passive revenue
to your business — in as little as two weeks

Workshop Description

One of the most valuable assets you already have is your relationship with the prospects and customers on your email list. And leveraging that relationship is the fastest, safest way to quickly add a 6-figure profit center to your business.

To capitalize on the relationship you have with the people on your list, it’s critical to understand that whatever product or service you sell, a high percentage of your customers will also be in the market for other complimentary products and services. But rather than investing a tremendous amount of time and money developing those complimentary products, I recommend offering them to your list by using a Resource Center Tollgate.

A great example of how this works is one of my clients who sells marketing software. To create their Resource Center Tollgate, they started by identifying about 10 complimentary products and services that have strong appeal to people who are interested in their software. Then they approached companies that already create those products or services and set up licenses to offer them to the people on their email list.

By becoming a Resource Center for the people on their list, a number of great advantages kicked in immediately.

FIRST — you generate significant revenue by sending out a couple emails featuring a product in your Resource Center every month.

SECOND – you generate a high-level of customer loyalty when you do this. Try researching any product or service online and you’ll see that with thousands of results for any search term, it’s an absolute nightmare to figure out what’s good and what’s junk. So your customers appreciate it when you eliminate that hassle by recommending products or services you’ve already researched for them.

THIRD – you have no cost or risk with these offers because the vendors you’ve set up agreements with take all the orders, process all payments and provide all the customer service. Your only task is to send out a couple emails each month and then collect your commissions.

How well does this work? For my client with the marketing software, the revenue from their Resource Center is nearly double the revenue from their core products! And in my experience, any business can increase their profits by 30% to 70% with this simple strategy — and start seeing those profits in as little as two weeks.

Also, because you set up your Resource Center once and automate it to run on its own, all it requires is about an hour of maintenance each month – which means that you enjoy an ongoing stream of passive profit month after month.

Resource Center Tollgates are all around you

While the idea of creating a Resource Center that systematically brings in new profits every month may seem a bit different at first, they’re actually going on all around you.

For example, if you have an American Express card, then every month you get an email with a subject line something like this:


“Bob, your exclusive business offers are inside”

When you open the email, you see that most or all of these offers are for products or services that you actually want. So this month, there’s a nice discount for a popular restaurant in your area, along with discounts for FedEx services, office supplies and a couple other things you use every month.

So what you’re actually doing is being of real service to your subscribers and customers.

The second really smart thing Amex does (and you will too with your Resource Center) is that they don’t stock or deliver any of the products or services for these offers. Those are all provided by other companies that they partner with.

Amex is simply the “Tollgate” – a connector of customers who want certain items to vendors who sell those items. And Amex receives a “toll” in the form of a commission for every sale that’s made.

This means that Amex doesn’t take any orders, process any credit cards, deliver any goods or deal with customer service for these sales. That’s all done by the other vendors, which means that Amex incurs no cost whatsoever. So nearly all the “tolls” they collect from these offers are 95% profit.

There are dozens of other similar Resource Center Tollgates going on all around you, all the time. Now that you understand how this works, you’ll start noticing them nearly every day.

What you get in this workshop

Adding a Resource Center Tollgate to your business will increase your sales by 30% to 70%, and sometimes more, in as little as two weeks. However, as with anything worth doing, there are a number of important steps to implementing this that make it a lot easier to ramp up your profits substantially.

This workshop is designed to guide you through every step of properly creating a lucrative Resource Center Tollgate while avoiding the many pitfalls that can stop you in your tracks. It’s specifically designed to get you fast results, so it will be presented over two sessions.

Session #1 is a thorough training in everything you need to create your own Resource Center Tollgate. This includes:

  • Your Resource Center Roadmap – a simple roadmap for setting up, maintaining, and making your Resource Center as profitable as possible, while having nearly everything run on autopilot.
  • How to find the ideal products and services your subscribers and customers want most. This includes little-known, stealth resources where your actual customers share the exact products and services they’re most interested in.
  • Finding the right partners who are the easiest and most profitable to work with.
  • How to negotiate the highest rates possible for your deals and avoid getting stuck with standard, low-level affiliate rates.
  • Getting your subscribers to enroll as members of your Resource Center – both a free and a paid option. Imagine having your subscribers actually pay to tell you what they want to buy more of!
  • Every approach email, follow-up email, negotiation script and legal agreement you need to effortlessly run your Resource Center.
  • The 3 email formats that work best for generating maximum sales with your Resource Center. And the exact order to use them in to multiply your profits with just a few minutes of your time.
  • The best schedule for systematically sending your Resource Center emails every month. Set this up just once to run your entire Resource Center on autopilot for the full year.
  • Double or triple your sales with a simple, non-intrusive accelerator technique that gets the products in your Resource Center in front of far more people, far more often
  • A 90-minute, live group coaching call. One week after receiving the training materials, we’ll get on a live call together where I’ll answer all your questions and help you implement everything with the sole goal of helping you have your Resource Center up and bringing in new profits as quickly as possible.
  • A recording of the coaching call, posted to our members-only training site 24 hours after the call.
  • And much more

Session #2 takes place a week after the comprehensive training. This is the live, 90-minute coaching call where I’ll answer all your questions and help you automate your Resource Center so it runs on autopilot with about 30 minutes of maintenance per month.

The focus of this second session is rapid implementation. You’ll get all the direction you need to avoid any stumbling blocks you may encounter and have your Resource Center up and bringing in new sales in as little as two weeks.

Workshop Dates

The training session for the Resource Center Tollgate will be delivered to you on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. The material will be posted on a members-only training site which you’ll have access to for a full year.

One week later, on Wednesday, January 15 at 11:00 am Pacific time we’ll get on a 90-minute coaching call together where I’ll answer all your questions and make sure that every aspect of your Resource Center is as efficient and profitable as possible.

The recording of this call will then be posted to the members-only training site the following day.

Workshop Fee, Enrollment and Refund Policy

Enrollment in the Resource Center Tollgate workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 people to make sure you get all the personal support you need. I conduct the coaching call myself, so you can be assured that you’re getting the latest information and the highest quality support.

If you’re familiar with any of my previous workshops, then you know that they’ve ranged in price from $3,750 to $5,750. However, in order to make this available to everyone, I’ve dropped the fee for this workshop to just $997.

Enrollment in this workshop is non-refundable. However, if it turns out that you can’t make the workshop dates, you can apply the full fee to a future presentation of this workshop or any of the other workshops I’ll be presenting.

Because of this low workshop fee and the limited enrollment size of just 16 people, this workshop will fill up quickly. To claim your seat now, click here: