INSIDE: A unique method for creating one piece
of Intellectual Property and licensing it dozens of times
– then repeating this again and again

It’s true…

There’s a new and different way for you to turn a single piece of Intellectual Property into dozens of licenses. Then repeat this over and over, often making more money from licensing than you make from your main business.

It’s called the Multi-Licensing Framework.

And it’s very different from the typical licensing methods you’ve likely seen because it multiplies the value of a single piece of Intellectual property, delivering the value of dozens or even hundreds of pieces of Intellectual Property without any additional work.

As you’ll see, it only takes 8 simple steps – so simple, you can begin seeing significant licensing revenue in just two weeks.

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to have any previous experience with licensing or spend much time developing your IP, because every business already has many forms of licensable IP that are easy to identify.

And you can capitalize on the multi-licensing process over and over again, regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner with licensing or you’ve had years of experience.

So if you want to turn a single piece of your existing Intellectual Property into dozens of licenses and make more money with licensing than you make from your main business, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Bob Serling.


Thanks again for your interest in my new program on how you can realistically make more money by licensing your Intellectual Property than you make from your main business. And how anyone can do this with no cost and no risk.

In just a minute, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. And why you never have any cost or risk when licensing your IP.

But first, let me share some of my own experience in licensing my IP and what a few of my clients have done. This will help you understand the massive opportunity IP licensing gives you.

Let’s start with a few examples of my own experience

Over the past 30 years, I’ve used a lot of different forms of licensing in my own business. It started when I was working as what’s called an “A level” direct response copywriter.

You see, the best and highest paid copywriters are never paid a flat fee. Instead, you get an upfront fee plus a commission for everything that’s sold. So the more your copy can sell, the more you make. And that’s a form of a very simple license.

That was also one of my earliest introductions to licensing. Being paid a fee plus a commission gives you the ability to make far more money than you ever could with a flat fee. In fact, I know some “A level” copywriters who make well over $1 million for every package they write.

I’ve also licensed out a wide variety of other products and services, including toys, software, insurance products, and household goods. And that’s a second form of licensing.

But what THIS is all about is licensing your Intellectual Property. And why doing this often pays you far more than you make with your main business.

So let me show you exactly what I mean…

Sales math versus licensing math

There are many reasons to license your Intellectual Property. You can reach markets you never would on your own. You can build your reputation and influence through a much greater level of exposure.

But the primary reason most people want to license their IP is that the profit potential is enormous. In fact, it’s rare that you won’t make at least double by licensing your IP as you do through your main business.

So let me share a few examples of my own licensing deals that show you exactly what I mean.

Example 1 – How I made $710,000 selling one of my services
…and another $2.3 million by licensing it to other consultants

Years ago, I decided to apply what I learned as a copywriter to my marketing consulting services. Instead of creating a new marketing campaign for each client, I took my seven best-performing campaigns and created templates to easily modify them for any industry.

Then, instead of charging a flat fee, I licensed these campaigns to new clients for about 15% of what they would pay me or any other marketing consultant to create a new campaign, plus a royalty on every sale they made.

The first advantage to the client was that they got a campaign with a proven track record that was guaranteed to work or it cost them nothing. The second advantage was that they only paid based on actual sales, so they avoided the typical $5,000 per month retainer they’d normally pay whether or not the campaign succeeded.

This gave me a powerful competitive advantage over all other marketing consultants and ad agencies. And because of that advantage, I was able to make $710,000 the first year with just me and a part-time virtual assistant.

But the next step allowed me to make more that triple that. Plus, it took just a fraction of the work.

As the next evolution in this process, I took the seven marketing campaigns I used in my own business, packaged them together with my lead generation system, and licensed them to other marketing consultants and coaches.

The fee to license my package of campaigns was $17,500 on an annually renewable basis, plus a 15% commission on the revenue each consultant produced. Simply by doing this, with the majority of it being automated, I made $2.3 million the first year I offered these licensed packages.

And that’s more than 3 times as much as I was making with my main business!

Example 2 – Retrofitting this service-based model to a product

Licensing out my marketing campaigns worked so well, I decided to apply the same thinking to a copywriting course I had written years earlier and was no longer promoting. The way I did this was nearly identical to licensing my marketing campaigns.

I packaged the copywriting course along with the emails and copy for the web page that sold it and licensed it out for a $10,000 fee plus a 30% royalty on every sale that was made. Now, I don’t have the exact numbers on the total I made from this, but because the course sold for many years, I know that it was more than $3 million.

And just like licensing the marketing campaigns, the majority of this process was automated, so it took about 15 hours of upfront work, then just an hour or so each month of maintenance.

Example 3 – Accidentally expanding my product model

After the success of licensing my copywriting course, I designed my next course on direct marketing with the specific intent of licensing it.

Once the course was done, I sold it to my list and did a successful joint venture with another marketer to prove that it would sell. Then I offered the licensing rights to the course.

What happened next was a very fortunate accident. One of my clients saw the licensing offer and asked if they could license the rights to modify the course exclusively for their market, which was software companies. They offered to pay a flat fee of 5 times what I was charging for a single license, but without a royalty on their sales.

This type of license is called Private Labelling or White Labelling. But here’s how I leveraged it to its full advantage.

I told my client that instead of paying me 5 times the cost of a single license, I’d grant them an exclusive license for their market for the one-time fee. But in addition, I wanted a copy of their modified version, marked up with all the spots where they made modifications.

By doing this, I now had a master copy for Private Labelling the course to dozens of different markets. And with a fee of $75,000 for each license, this became a very lucrative source of income!

What forms of Intellectual Property do you already have
but aren’t fully capitalizing on?

The fact is, every business has many forms of IP they aren’t capitalizing on. Just about any product, service, process or system that helps people solve a problem or achieve a goal can be licensed.

And by doing a simple inventory (which I show you how to do in my program), you can easily identify at least 10 forms of Intellectual Property you could turn into more profit than you make with your main business.

Just a sample of the types of IP I’ve seen licensed for substantial profits includes:

  • Books, courses and training programs
  • Accounting systems
  • Manufacturing processes and systems
  • Information technology systems
  • Materials procurement systems
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Consulting and coaching services
  • Consulting and coaching processes
  • Sales processes
  • Money-saving and efficiency processes
  • Graphic design techniques
  • Exercise programs
  • Diet programs
  • Pet products and pet training programs
  • Investment advice
  • Software
  • Medical devices
  • Medical treatments
  • And the list goes on and on!

So as you can see, there’s almost no limit to the types of IP you can license. Plus, because your IP already exists, the upside is enormous and there’s no downside whatsoever.

Here’s how to find the untapped profits
in YOUR Intellectual Property

The list I just gave you demonstrates how broad the range of licensable IP really is. And it probably sparked a number of ideas for licensing your own Intellectual Property.

But let’s drill a bit deeper. Because I’m sure the two burning questions you have right now are…

  • How valuable is your own Intellectual Property?
  • Are you sitting on unclaimed profits that could easily be worth millions to your business?

Fortunately, it’s very easy to determine where your business stands on this. I’ve put together a set of seven questions that will tell you immediately whether or not you stand to benefit by licensing your Intellectual Property to other companies. Take a minute to answer them now:

Question 1: Do you have a product or course that sells well and could benefit from greater sales reach?

Question 2: Do you offer a service that other service providers could also offer, giving you broader market coverage?

Question 3: Are there additional markets you could be selling into but don’t have the staff or budget to cultivate these sales?

Question 4: Have you developed systems or processes that could be used effectively by other companies within your industry or in other industries?

Question 5: Have you developed proprietary software for carrying out any aspect of your business that could be used by other businesses?

Question 6: Do you have marketing methods or materials that could be modified and used effectively by non-competing businesses?

Question 7: Do you have any other processes, systems, formulas or any other form of Intellectual Property that would be of value to other businesses?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then your business is in a position to license out your Intellectual Property and generate large, passive streams of income for many years to come.

So let me share three short Case Studies that will show you how simple the licensing process really is and how other businesses are using licensing right now to substantially grow their bottom line profits.

Case Study #1
$720,000 in add-on profits

Private Labeling is a method of licensing the use of your product or service to licensees where they repackage it under their company name and branding. This is an ideal way to increase your reach and sales into markets you wouldn’t normally serve.

This can be done with any product or service. It can also be used to capture a portion of your competitors’ sales. Here’s one of my favorite examples of this licensing strategy being used to do just that.

One of my clients manufactures CBD infused dog treats that are sold in stores and online. But in addition to that, they also create the exact same dog treats for other companies, which are bagged and labeled with the other companies’ branding.

By Private Labeling dog treats for a number of pet product companies, my client’s company brings in $60,000 per month in revenue from this source that’s secondary to their main business. Do the math and you’ll see that this comes to $720,000 per year for just a minimum of additional effort.

Not too shabby for baking dog biscuits!

Case Study #2
Turning a company’s existing assets
into 22 multi-million dollar profit centers

Springfield ReManufacturing Corp was founded in 1983 when 13 employees of International Harvester purchased the division that rebuilt engines for large vehicles.

At the time of the purchase, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, losing $2 million annually on sales of $26 million. With the purchase price of $9 million, many analysts felt the new owners had made a serious blunder.

However, those new owners were able to turn things around quickly. And a significant factor in that turn around was a plan to squeeze every penny of profit possible out of their Intellectual Property.

Senior managers at SRC looked at every option available for spinning off as many of their existing products, services and business processes as possible into new sub-companies, all licensed out to be run by their existing staff during their down time. As the core business was stabilized and these new companies quickly became profitable, the turnaround was accomplished quickly.

Due in a large part to this spin off strategy, sales grew by 30% each year. Within just 3 years, the company was extremely profitable and revenue had grown from $26 million to $42 million.

By continuing to pursue every opportunity possible to create companies around their Intellectual Property of manufacturing processes, business systems and business processes, SRC has spun off over 22 separate companies and now enjoys sales of $400 million annually.

While most businesses view their Intellectual Property as having little or no value, SRC relentlessly mined the profits of every existing asset. And today, their spin-off companies generate nearly 10 times as much revenue as their core business!

Case Study #3
A $2.6 million increase from Fractional Licensing

Fractional Licensing is exactly what it sounds like – devoting only a fraction of your business efforts to licensing your IP, while spending the majority of your time concentrating on your core business. Even so, this form of licensing can be quite profitable.

The Internet Marketing Center was founded in 1996 to offer internet marketing tools and training to small businesses. The original founder was Corey Rudl, who was visionary in identifying the massive potential of the Internet as a marketing medium long before most businesses were even online.

A few years before Corey tragically passed away in 2005, I sold a division of one of my companies to him. This was a straight sale, but the one “extra” that Corey insisted on was that I throw in a couple consulting hours to give him and his partner, Derek Gehl, an immersion training in the basics of licensing their IP. Mind you, this was done in about two or three hours and it really only scratched the surface of what’s available through licensing.

Even so, the results they produced were exceptional. By taking some of the training products from the division they purchased from me and merging those with some of their own training materials, the team at the Internet Marketing Center created a new product that could be licensed to other businesses to sell.

This new, licensed package was intended to be used as just a test, due to the fact that they had very little time or staff available to manage this project. However, within the first week alone they collected $1 million in licensing fees.

Then, by continuing to devote just a small portion of their staff’s time and effort to this project, they ended up producing a total of $2.6 million in additional revenue they never would have seen without the introduction I gave them to licensing.

Because their annual sales revenue was around $6 million, this represents a 43% increase in sales. But again, it didn’t require anywhere near 43% of their time, effort or staff to produce this lucrative gain.

Three more important points

What I’ve just shown you should give you a strong understanding of the value of licensing your Intellectual Property. It’s an innovative, easy to learn, and highly lucrative way to increase your profits with just minimal efforts.

And there are three more important points I want to be sure you understand…

Point #1 – Licensing your IP can be as simple or complex
as you want… but I ALWAYS prefer simple

From the examples I shared with you throughout this material, you can see that the range of ways to license your IP is very broad.

You can do something as simple as package a training program you already have along with the promotional materials for selling it and then license that to as many other companies as you want. It doesn’t get much simpler than this, and I’ve personally used this method multiple times to generate 6 and 7-figure profits.

Or you can get as complex as spinning off your IP into 22 different companies like you saw in one of the examples above. Each company can be run by giving your employees a share of the profits to run it, which is a form of licensing, or by licensing each company to other companies to run it.

Or you can get as complex as spinning off your IP into 22 different companies like you saw in one of the examples above. Each company can be run by giving your employees a share of the profits to run it, which is a form of licensing, or by licensing each company to other companies to run it.

Plus, there are dozens of other variations in between. But the choice of how simple or complex you make your IP licensing efforts is always in your control. You are always the ultimate decision maker for how you want to license your IP.

Now, my personal choice is to ALWAYS keep my licensing projects as simple as possible. This way, I can execute a lot of simpler licensing deals, but each is still highly profitable. And if any licensing project doesn’t live up to expectations, all you’ve lost is a small amount of time, because simple licensing projects require little or no cost to execute.

Keeping your licensing projects simple also eliminates a long learning curve and lets you focus on what’s really important – quickly licensing out your Intellectual Property so you can immediately start seeing considerable profits from your licensing deals!

Point #2 – Don’t underestimate the value of your IP

When I help clients license their IP, one of the most common mistakes I see is that they actually undervalue it.

That’s because most people don’t understand that the same IP can be licensed in many different ways. You can do a direct license, sub-license, license by market type, license by geographical areas, license by media type and many more.

Once you understand this, the value of licensing your IP increases enormously. So it’s not uncommon to make 2 to 3 times more money licensing your IP than you make in your main business. But the key to achieving this is clearly understanding the full value of your IP.

Point #3 – The benefits you get by licensing your IP
are much more than just increased profits

Most people think about licensing their IP as a good way to add secondary income to their business. And while that’s true, licensing your IP is actually much more beneficial than just that.

Licensing gives you what I call “RIP” – Reach, Influence and Profit.

When you license your IP, you can extend your REACH into the market enormously. With a big partner or many partners selling your IP, you can reach a much larger market than you ever would on your own.

When you do reach a much larger market, your INFLUENCE also increases. When people start seeing your product or service offered by multiple companies, or by a giant company, it immediately kicks your influence up to a new level.

PROFIT is the most obvious benefit you gain. But here’s another important aspect of this.

When other companies sell your IP and take care of all orders, credit card processing, and customer service, the fee plus royalties you make are 100% profit. And that’s the kind of profit margin that can’t be beat!

I’ve specifically designed my IP licensing system with these important points in mind. And I’ve made sure that anyone can easily learn and apply it. So you can start seeing real results and real profits in the shortest time possible.

Here’s your next step

Now that you’ve seen exactly how licensing your IP can generate more profit than you make with your main business, I’d love to help you successfully license your Intellectual Property.

MLF Cover

And you can get my complete, step-by-step system in my new course, the Multi-Licensing Framework. These are the exact materials I recently used to coach a small group of people in every aspect of licensing your IP.

During that program, which ran for 6 weeks, I delivered comprehensive training in every step of the process. The goal of the program was to help the members successfully license their IP within a couple weeks of completing the program.

And that’s what you’ll get too.

That’s because you get everything that was included in the Coaching Program, with just one minor exception. Instead of live coaching calls, you get the recordings of each call. These three 90-minute calls answer every question you might have about successfully licensing your Intellectual Property.

So let’s take a deeper look at exactly what you’re getting, just as it was presented in the 6-week Coaching Program.

Here’s what was covered in all 6 weeks of the original program
– and you’ll get instant access to all of it at once

As I mentioned in the opening of this material, this program is very different than any other program you’ve seen. The Multi-Licensing Framework is designed to give you all the tools you need to take one piece of Intellectual Property and license it multiple ways and dozens or hundreds of times. Then repeat the same, simple process with as many forms of IP as you’d like.

The Framework is made up of 8 steps. You’ll get thorough training in each step, plus answers to all your questions in the recordings of the live coaching sessions.

Here’s a short description of the 8 Steps that make up the complete system.

Step 1: Identify all of your Intellectual Property

Using my proprietary Multi-Licensing Inventory Process, you’ll identify every form of IP you currently have. Most businesses have least 10 forms of IP, many of which you aren’t even aware of, but this Inventory will reveal.

To start, I run the process on my own business while you “look over my shoulder”. The entire Inventory can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and you’ll see exactly how it uncovers many forms of IP that you already have, but you’d miss without this process.

Then, you’ll run this simple process on YOUR business. And by using this simple, but powerful Inventory, in just 30 minutes, you’ll have a valuable list of different IP types you can begin licensing right away.

Plus, you’ll gain a complete understanding of the Inventory process, so you can run it periodically to make sure there’s no form of Intellectual Property that you’re overlooking.

Step 2: Define your ideal licensees

There are three separate ways to define the ideal target market of potential licensees for your IP. The first is fairly obvious, which is simply starting with the customers and businesses you know or work with. But there are a number of nuances to this that will surprise you.

The second and third methods for defining your potential licensees are overlooked by every business I’ve ever talked with about licensing. Yet they yield tremendous profit opportunities when you use them.

These two overlooked methods have brought millions of dollars in licensing fees into my business that I never would have seen without them. And they can do the same for you.

Plus, all three methods are easy to learn and use. And like all the Steps in my system, creating your list of ideal licensees by using these three methods takes very little time. So in just 30 to 45 minutes, you’ll be able to create a solid list of high-quality, potential licensees.

Step 3: Create your Licensed IP Package

A Licensed IP Package has three components:

  • The IP itself
  • A Training Manual that shows your licensee how to use your IP
  • An operations Cheat Sheet, which is an abbreviated, quick reference summary of the major points in your Training Manual

Each component is critical to the licensing process and making sure your licensees use your IP properly and successfully. They are also critical to both your short-term and long-term success at licensing and profiting from your IP for years to come.

That’s because your Licensed IP Package is the actual IP plus the operating system your licensees need to use it properly. And without exception, THIS is the critical component that will determine how much money you make by licensing your IP.

The more complete your Licensed IP Package is, the more successful your licensees will be and the higher your royalties will be.

So in this Step of the training, you’ll get thorough coverage on how to create all three components that make up your Licensed IP Package. And how to make sure you create them properly from the start and earn as much as possible with your IP.

Step 4: The two most effective licensing methods

There are at least 12 different ways to license your Intellectual Property and many variations to each. But I’m a big fan of the 80/20 Principle and over the years of carefully tracking my own results and the results of my most successful clients, I’ve discovered that just two licensing methods greatly outperform all others.

Now, when I say “outperform”, I mean they get the fastest results AND generate the most profit at the same time. And they give you the ability to take a single piece of Intellectual Property and license it many ways and hundreds of times.

So these are the two licensing methods we’ll focus on. My main goal is to give you the ability to license your IP quickly and easily. And there’s nothing better than these two methods for doing that.

In the training for this Step, I’ll take you through both methods and show you how to quickly determine which of them is best for your specific IP.

Then, once you’ve selected the method that’s best suited to your IP, I’ll show you how to use it to license your IP in the shortest time possible.

Step 5: Contacting potential licensees

In this Step, you’ll learn how to effectively contact potential licensees to let them know your IP is available for licensing. Reaching out to potential licensees in the most effective way is critical to your success, since the sooner you can reach potential licensees, the sooner you’ll be setting up your licensing deals.

Everything you need to effectively contact licensees is included in the training material for this step. You’ll learn why contacting licensees the right way is so important, how to do it properly, and which schedule is best for making your contacts.

You’ll also get all the contact emails and follow-up emails you need to be as successful as possible. And this includes simple instructions for quickly customizing these emails to create your own highly effective contact pieces in just a few minutes.

Next, I’ll show you exactly how to send your invitation to get the greatest response from potential licensees. This small detail alone can make a massive difference in how many people enthusiastically respond, with many of them licensing your IP.

Finally, to complete this Step, I’ll give you the exact presentation script I use to license out my own IP. And I’ll take you through the few small sections of the script you’ll need to modify for your own licensing efforts.

And remember, my focus is always on simplicity. So you’ll be able to have your own highly-effective presentation script ready to use in about 20 minutes.

Step 6: Creating your licensing agreement

Every licensing deal you make for your IP must have a rock-solid licensing agreement. In this Step, you’ll discover what goes into an airtight agreement that gets you the best terms and fully protects your IP.

The materials for this session will cover a lot of ground. Using one of my own actual licensing agreements that you can model, the key points I’ll help you with in creating your own licensing agreement include:

  • Negotiating the most beneficial royalty rates
  • Structuring your agreement to guarantee recurring passive revenue
  • Critical performance levels and triggers that make sure you get paid
  • Protecting your IP without expensive patents and trademarks
  • Which uses of your IP are allowed
  • Which uses of your IP are not allowed
  • How to create a clear description of exactly what you provide and are responsible for
  • How to create a clear description of that your licensee gets, what they give you in payment for the license, and what they are responsible for
  • Why your agreement should be written in plain English, free of any legalese
  • And more

This important Step will cover every aspect of creating an exceptional licensing agreement that covers all the bases, gets you the best terms possible, ensures that you get paid on time, and most of all… motivates your licensee to sign and close the deal as quickly as possible.

Step 7: Successfully supporting your licensees

IP Licensing deals are a partnership, so it’s important to make sure all your deals are a win-win for both sides. In this Step, you’ll get all the tools you need to help and support your licensees in ways that motivate them to sell even more of your IP. And the more they sell, the higher your royalties are.

Great licensing partnerships are the key to making the most profit, getting paid on time, having licensees refer other potential licensees to you, and building a portfolio of licensees who will keep paying you year after year.

You’ll learn exactly how to do all these things with just minimal effort in this Step. These materials and training will guarantee that you come away with the skills to thoroughly support and keep each licensee performing at the highest level for years to come, with just an hour or two of your time per month.

Step 8: Creating wealth by building your IP portfolio

Having great IP is important. But licensing that IP in the most effective way possible is how you multiply your profits by 5X, 10X, even as much as 100X.

Most importantly, creating true wealth with licensing is reasonably easy once you have a simple strategy for building an expanding portfolio of IP. So in this final Step, you’ll learn how to turn every piece of IP you have into multiple pieces that can be licensed over and over again.

In this portion of the training, I’ll show you exactly how to create a portfolio of IP properties, then create your action plan that you can rely on for years to come. You’ll also learn how to use this portfolio of IP properties to increase the number of licensees you have and how to get the majority of your licensees to license multiple pieces of IP from you.

In my opinion, this is the most important step in the process. Understanding how to build a portfolio of IP properties with relative ease multiplies your profits substantially and creates wealth far beyond what you could produce with one-off licensing deals.

Recordings of all three live coaching calls

During the original, 6-week Coaching Program, each of the three, live 90-minute coaching sessions were recorded. The training and Q&A components of these calls follow the 8-step system in order, so all your questions are answered in the exact order or the training.

With these recordings, you’ll always be able to access and review all 3 coaching sessions whenever you want. Plus, the training site is mobile friendly, giving you the ability to listen from any computer or mobile device.

So at any time or anywhere, the answers to all your questions are always just a click or tap away.

Are there any bonuses?

This is the point where most people would load you down with the proverbial “truck load of bonuses”.

But I’m NOT going to do that.

It would contradict my goal to keep everything simple, practical, and easy to implement. Because if it doesn’t take just a few simple actions to actually implement what I give you and start licensing your IP in the shortest time possible, then this program hasn’t achieved its goal.

So a “bundle of bonuses” would only be a distraction.

But here’s what I am going to give you…

As part of this program, I’m including a valuable bonus that will significantly accelerate your success. It’s specifically designed to work with the rest of the program material to make all your IP Licensing deals as easy and as profitable as possible.

So let’s take a quick look at this bonus.

BONUS: The IP Licensing Toolkit

In many of the 8 Steps of this system, you’ll need a variety of marketing and legal documents. Everything from invitation emails, to a complete follow-up sequence, appointment setting scripts, an effective sales presentation, legal agreements, training documents and more.

 The Multi-Licensing Framework Toolkit is a complete collection of every marketing piece and legal agreement you’ll ever need. Plus, it's all here in "done for you" format.

All documents are in Word format so all you have to do is open a document, cut and paste and you’re ready to go.

If you were to hire a skilled copywriter and documentation specialist to create a complete collection of marketing, legal and training documents like this for you, the cost would easily exceed $35,000. But you get them all in cut-and-paste format as an advantage of being a member of this program.

How to enroll in The Multi-Licensing Framework

The Multi-Licensing Framework is now available for immediate access on a members-only training site. You can start using this innovative process to make serious money by licensing your IP within the next few minutes.

The enrollment fee for The Multi-Licensing Framework is just $1,697. These are the exact same materials that previously sold in the coaching version of this program for $4,750. Which means you’re getting this program at a full 64% discount off what the members of the coaching program paid.

The reason I’ve made this program so affordable is because I’m on a mission to share this powerful yet extremely simple process with as many people as possible. I’ve made millions of dollars from licensing my own Intellectual Property and I’m convinced the licensing levels the playing field for anyone who wants to make serious money – and have a great time doing it – without any risk whatsoever.

To enroll now at this deeply discounted price, just click this link:

Yes, I’d like to enroll now and take advantage of your 64% discount

One more word of advice…

Because these are the exact same materials that came with the $4,750 coaching version of this program and that version was non-refundable – there are also no refunds on enrollment in this version of the program.

So if you’re in the “just looking” stage – or more importantly, if you aren’t prepared to learn and apply this simple, innovative system – then you should pass.

The Multi-Licensing Framework is really meant for people who can apply what they learn. And the way I deliver this to you makes it easy to apply.

There’s considerable money to be made by licensing your IP. And it’s the ideal way to generate significant, ongoing passive revenue. BUT you must be committed to putting in the time to learn this unique process and applying it.

So if you want the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to make more money by licensing your Intellectual Property than you make from your main business, enroll now while the price is still this low.

Lock in your spot now at this 64% discount

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I can’t wait to share this easy, innovative way to license your IP for substantial profits with you!


Frequently Asked Questions

*****What is the schedule for the program?

Unlike the original coaching program, where the materials were delivered over a 6-week period, with this new program, you get everything right now. Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting up your account on our members-only training site.

Just take a couple minutes to set up your account and all the training materials and coaching call recordings are available to you immediately.

*****Do I need to have previous experience licensing my IP?


Nope, not at all. Just like most things, when it comes to licensing your IP, everyone starts out as a beginner. And as long as your IP is of value to potential licensees, they never hold your lack of experience against you, because what you’re doing is bringing them more sales or saving them money.

Most importantly, the way I teach you to structure your IP licensing deals always makes it very favorable for your licensees. This makes it a breeze to get agreement, while still being extremely profitable for you.

*****OK, but since I’m a beginner, how long will it take me to make my first deal to license my IP?

That depends on a number of factors. If you’ve already had companies inquire about licensing your IP or you have a list of potential licensees like those I show you in the program, you can often get your first IP licensing deal done within two weeks to one month.

And by using my proposal process that you get in the program, most people can set up their first licensing deal in just a couple of months. One of the main reasons why I’ve kept the training materials as simple as possible, is to give you everything you need to license your IP as quickly as possible.

****How do I know that licensing Intellectual Property will work in my industry?

The 8-step process covered in The Multi-Licensing Framework works in nearly all industries, whether they are business-to-business or business-to-consumer. The bottom line is that any IP that helps businesses accomplish an important goal or overcome a serious problem can be licensed.

**** Why don’t I just hire you to license my IP for me?

This is a reasonable question, and the answer is simple. Because I spend most of my time licensing out my own IP, I only work with a few clients each year. So you would likely have to wait a considerable length of time to work with me.

More importantly, though, is that anyone can do this once you understand my simple, 8-step process. Plus, you can license as many pieces of IP as you have over and over again when you understand the process. So the most direct route to getting your IP licensed is to learn this simple system and implement it on your own.

**** Will I get a ton of bonuses with this program?

Nope, I already covered this above, but it bears repeating. My entire goal is to make certain you’re licensing your Intellectual Property with as LITTLE time and effort as possible.

So piling on a ton of bonuses you’ll never get through would only prevent you from getting the best results. But rest assured that everything you need to be as successful as possible as quickly as possible is included in this program.

**** Can I use these same methods to broker IP licensing deal for others?

Theoretically, you could. But The Multi-Licensing Framework is specifically designed for companies that want to license out their own Intellectual Property.

So there is nothing in this program that covers the additional skills you would need to broker IP licensing deals for others. And without the proper lead generation system, contact and follow-up emails, sales methodology and scripts, legal agreements and more, it would be quite difficult to broker IP licensing deals for others.

**** What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept PayPal.

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